3DS Max – Driving Particles with Audio

Hey guys, sorry it’s been a little while since my last post – I have been very busy lately.  In this tutorial, we are going to create a system of deflectors and particle flows to convert audio to particles using no plugins at all.  We will be learning some more advanced particle flow work, as well as basic motion from audiofloat and deflectors.  I don’t know if anyone else uses this method, as I came up with it as a result of experimenting one day.  It could be useful  to automate some animations based just off of a sound track – and saves you the time of manually going through and animating each sound.  By the way I have been working diligently on new resource content, so expect more texture packs as well as max presets and scripts soon!  Thanks for your support as always =]

.wav sound clip download (Small reason test I did years ago – feel free to use a good song instead of this haha.)

  • Remi

    Huh never thought of doing it like that, creative solution =]

    • Great stuff, you hleepd me out so much!

  • And where is a final result? =(
    Msy I see it?

    • The tutorial was just to show how to set up the system. For the demo at the start I just added a dynamic material to the balls and animated the color. Should be pretty easy 🙂

  • niceeeeeeee 🙂

  • Very nice tutorial! clearly explained!

  • dave

    How do you get the sound option in the curve editor? I tried going through the max help file but cannot find how to do it the same way as you.

    • Which version of Max are you using?

      • nuclearex

        How do you get the sound option in the curve editor?
        i am using 3ds max 2012

        • wonderful tutorial,i have a qusoiten,im using simpleaudioengine for my project,and it does the job well,everything is working gr8.only problem is that there is this 1 particular sound that is a looping sound,and i cant play a looping soundeffect with simpleaudioengine.and hence im forced to use cdaudiomanager for this,is there a way that i can leave the current code as it is with simpleaudioengine,and just use the cdaudiomanager or cdsoundengine for playing this one loopingsound without having to mess with the rest of the sounds and the background music ?how do i play a looping sound-effect with cdaudiomanager?kindly help me with this, im sure i will move to cdaudiomanager in the future,as i see my audio needs increasing, but for the current project,replacing sae seems like overkill

      • nuclearex

        BTW i have tried putting wave on “deep sheet” sound option, but all i get is that the corners of the first deflector move right and left (around the particle circle) and not up and down on “Y” direction like your tutorial. I didn’t continue (about the rest of tutorial) cause i thought everything would go wrong.
        What’s do you think, what should i do?

        • Another request for a tauirotl would be Hudlayers / Advanced hudlayers. Hudlayers with items ( Highscore , amount of lives left, amount of powerups left , or an image showing up if you picked up an powerup)Regards,Joey

      • cid

        cant find it too, using 3ds 2015 … is it possible on this ? amazing tuts btw, thank u!

        • cid

          also found it on the deep sheet in editor, is that correct? what to do in the case as nuclearex said ? thx again

  • emmanuel

    This is great, thank you so much! Someone already said something like this but, it’s such a simple yet creative solution!

  • Z3R0X

    I love this tutorial. I’ve been playing with PFlow for a week or so now and looking for more tutorials like this. Unfortunately, this and maybe 2 more tutorials about of audio and Pflow are floating around. Is there any chance your going to do an updated version of this tutorial? I’d love to see more of what you’ve got.

    • Yeah, that is definitely something I can look into if you’d like. If you have any more specific ideas for what you want shoot them over!

  • i like video clip. thanks

  • DrEmoTonic

    Even I have jst started doing RnD on it.
    I am unable to match it with the fast music or beats, even after I have adjusted the threshold for Higher Beats. :/
    May be its not matching after render, depends on subframe sampling or what?

  • I appreciate all the work you put into this site!

  • cid

    man, really made my day this tutorial, thank you ! ^^ but one think i could not understand thats happening with my work (besides my poor english, excuse me ^^ ) i am trying to do like a music clip, with total duration of 3:44 min , the music plays all the lenght, but the damn deflector stops on something like frame 900 ( from a total of 6720 frames) already changed the particles birth to emit start 1, stop 6720, rate 10 ( wanna a few particles spawning..) and the collision spawn for the deflector to until # 10000000 ( the max allowed) spawnable % 0,1 ; offspring #1 and sync by doesnt look to affect it at all, how can i do that cursed deflector works the full time range ? thanks in advance for your time , and for the tuts…

  • cid

    nevermind, found what was wrong, was my mistake with the deflector life line, fixed on the view curve, anyway, took me sometime cos im sorta newb… but thanks to guys like u who share amazing tuts we can improve ourselves, keep the great work , please !

  • Jon Simpson

    Thank you, great tutorial.

  • Shaswata Ghosh

    whr is the tutorial?