3DS Max Rayfire Destruction

Hi guys, this is a really cool tutorial on using Rayfire within 3DS Max to destroy objects such as a drinking glass.  We will also be covering some basic animation, more advanced particle systems, using HDRI maps and a bunch of other stuff.  This tutorial is EXPLODING with new tricks for you to use every day.

Before you start you’ll need a couple things, so grab the Rayfire Demo (or full version) here: Rayfire
The Reflection map we will use is here:  Reflection Map

  • Way to use the internet to help peploe solve problems!

  • I thank you humbly for shranig your wisdom JJWY

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  • August

    a very good tutorial.
    easy to understand and follow.
    thank you for the effort and good luck.

    • Thanks, there’s not so much tutorials for FinalRender arnuod the web and we think it will useful to see it in action and take a deeper look to its features. Talking about the photorealistic issue, today every single engine can create photorealistic images, it depends more on the user experience. Some rendering engines as the path tracer, (iRay, Maxwell Render, FryRender, Arion, Octane, etc etc), can produce photorealistic images in a simpler way due to the algorithm used, but you can obtain similar results with MentalRay, VRay, FinalRender, Brazil etc etc. So it depends on what do you prefer depending on tools, options, parameters, speed, etc etc. I can say that generally VRay and FinalRender are faster than MentalRay, and every single engine has its own features to work better in exterior or interior lighting conditions. I know that this is not a perfect answer to your question, but it depends on a lot of factors and it can’t be based on photorealism capabilities of the engine .If I can help you more on it please let me know.

  • Eoic

    Very nice! Thanks!

  • MrK

    excellent tutorial, brushed up on some stuff that i rarely use as well

    • Thanks man! Glad to hear it

  • super_hoops1967

    when i try to do the rayfire part i get the following error: rayfire fragmenter is not initialized. i’ve un-installed and re-installed about 20 times now, still with no luck 🙁 please help