Tutorial 3 Preview


Hey guys!  So Mir Vadim over at Rayfire Studios was kind enough to loan me a copy of Rayfire for my next tutorial.  It is going to be an animation of something similar to these test renders.  We will be modelling a simple bullet and drinking glass, using particle systems (see tutorial 2), implementing hdri maps, and of course BLOWING STUFF UP in Rayfire! So get ready, the new tutorial should be up within a few days.  Meanwhile, head over to the forums and start talking or work on your submission for Rendermania 1.  In case you haven’t seen, if we can get 20 submissions at least for Rendermania, we will be upgrading the prize to a Intuos 4.  Thanks for checking in =]

  • kibrom legesse

    It is a very very interesting tutorial, but i can’t download it.

    • This is just a screenshot, the actual tutorial will be up in a couple days so check back!

  • This is way better than a brick & mortar esatblishmnet.