Free Plugins & Scripts

Hi guys! I thought today it would be nice to compile a list of free plugins available on the internet.


1: Guruware Ivy (3DS Max)

This plugin is really cool for generating natural looking ivy and branches.  The plants are generated from a seed and you simulate the growth within the plugin.  People have achieved great results with this plugin (like this) and it is really easy to use.  I did some experiments where I turned off the leaves and let the branches grow around a character model then deleted the character model so it looked like someone had been frozen in the plant.  Anyways, really cool plugin from Guruware so check it out.  I have asked GW to add the raccoon that I see lurking in the ivy near my house for more realism but haven’t had much of a response yet.


2: Rayfire Demo (3DS Max)

Though this is only a demo, Mir Vadim’s Rayfire is becoming an industry standard plugin for hard surface destruction.  The demo is great because it allows you to use most of the features and does not have a time limit as far as I know.  Of course, you should purchase the software if you enjoy it to get the full benefits.  Be sure to check out 3D Skipper’s tutorial using this plugin here.


3: Video Copilot Presets (After Effects)

Besides being probably one of my favorite websites, Andrew Kramer of Video Copilot has released a number of free presets for post production in Adobe’s After Effects.  Additionally, he has premium plugins and presets available including their relatively new Optical Flares plugin which has been used in feature films.


4: Patanouk Asset Manager (3DS Max)

Though I haven’t personally used this script, Patanouk seems like a pretty useful tool.  It manages 3d models in a portable library offering previews and better organization without altering your source .max file.  If anyone gets around to using this let me know how it is in a comment!


5: Neon 1.00 (3DS Max)

If you’re too lazy to watch my neon tutorial, “plastic” has released a free and pretty cool looking texture script for creating neon materials.  It looks like it achieves good results and has received good reviews in a couple places so I thought I would throw it on here.


6: Greeble (3DS Max)

Greeble is an awesome plugin to create quad geometry on surfaces fast.  If you need to make a quick city or add an industrial or futuristic feel to a surface this plugin is great.  I did a blog post on it a while back which goes into more detail here

Okay, so I know there’s probably seven trillion and three more but those are a good start.  If you can think of any others, it would be great if you could leave them in a comment or even upload them to our resources page .  I will continue adding to this list as I think of more but I have to run right now =]

I am still looking for a programmer as well to collaborate with me on a potential plugin so if you’re good with c++ and/or maxscript throw me an email ( and we can get the ball rolling!


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