Artist Focus – Noe Leyva

Hey everyone, today I wanted to kick off a new Artist Focus segment of the site.  Once a week or so, I would like to feature work from around the community and introduce artists people may not know as well as others.  Today, we will take a look at work from concept illustrator Noe Leyva.

3DSkipper:  What artists would you say you draw the most inspiration from?

Noe:  Dang. That’s a hard one.  I draw inspiration from many artists, whether it be a random drawing I see on the internet, or someone famous like Da Vinci. For more contemporary artists, Akira Toriyama (Dragon Ball) actually made me want to get in to drawing. As for digital artists of today the first one I was really impressed by was Sparth.



3DSkipper:  So artwork from Dragon Ball is what got you into illustration originally?

Noe:  Not necessarily the artwork, (although I will always have a soft spot for it) but more the fact that a cartoon/comic book could be made in that fashion. Before that, I was just used to reading American comics and Saturday morning cartoons. Dragon Ball actually featured animated blood and suggestive themes (imagine that!). I wanted to some day be able to have my “own” Dragon Ball.

3DSkipper:  Gross, haha.

Noe:  Haha, I was young(ish) and impressionable!



3DSkipper:  Are there any techniques you incorporate into your work which others might not use as often or at all? Be it digital workflow or natural drawing techniques etc.

Noe:  Not really – I’m sure even if I think I’ve used a new technique, someone somewhere has done it first.  Although I have used for traditional painting a method of doing transfers with Goof Off that an old teacher taught me. It works pretty well, just keep your windows open when you use it!

3DSkipper:  That’s neat, what did that end up looking like?

Noe: Like shit haha.



3DSkipper:  Lastly, any tips for newbie illustrators?

Noe:  Everyone is going to say, “keep practicing, draw from life, ect.” and you know what? They are right! We all learn at different paces, what matters is that you put the work in, and eventually you will see the fruits of your labor.



3DSkipper:  Thanks, Noe and good luck with your work in the future!

Check out more of Noe’s work on his Blog and his DeviantArt page.

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