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  • Daily Inspiration #007

    Daily Inspiration #007

    Seasons is an awesome animation by  Erica Haowei Hu, which begins with Spring and follows all four seasons throughout the year.  The rhythm that this piece has creates a very engaging animation and taking advantage of C4D in conjunction with Maya gives some really cool results. Check in every day for more videos and inspiration!

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  • Artist Focus – Noe Leyva

    Artist Focus – Noe Leyva

    Hey everyone, today I wanted to kick off a new Artist Focus segment of the site.  Once a week or so, I would like to feature work from around the community and introduce artists people may not know as well as others.  Today, we will take a look at work from concept illustrator Noe Leyva. 3DSkipper:  What artists would you say you draw the most inspiration from? Noe:  Dang. That’s a hard one.  I draw inspiration from many artists, whether […]

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  • Tuesday Tool Tips – Illustrator and After Effects Workflow

    Tuesday Tool Tips – Illustrator and After Effects Workflow

    Welcome to the first Tuesday Tool Tip.  Today we will be taking a brief look on how to use an Illustrator to After Effects workflow, and why this process can help make life a lot easier. I’ll be setting up a vector-based rig made in Illustrator to be made ready to animate in After Effects, however this can be used for any vector elements in your comp such as scenery, characters, logos etc. First, lets talk about why one would […]

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  • Daily Inspiration #006

    Daily Inspiration #006

    Today’s inspiration is a recent short film uploaded to Vimeo named “R’ha”.  This is an exceptionally inspiring video, because it was almost a one-man effort.  Kaleb Lechowski wrote, directed and animated the entire short – receiving help only for the sound effects and voice acting. The film is about an alien who has been captured by the robotic rebellion they have been at war with (in the style of the Terminator series).  Unable to reason with the AI, the alien […]

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  • Monday Stock Footage

    Monday Stock Footage

    Hi everyone!  Every Every Monday I will bring you stock footage clips from the internet or shot by myself for you to build your collection! Today’s Monday Stock Footage features a backplate of a freeway overpass and a train passing by.  It is in .mov format for high quality, and it is 1280×720 pixels. Download here (right click > save link as…)

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  • Daily Inspiration #005

    Daily Inspiration #005

    Today we have a really extensive and visually stunning vfx breakdown from MPC (The Moving Picture) studios’ work on the 2012 feature Prometheus.  Amazing environmental work really sets these scenes apart from other sci-fi films, especially the fog and cloud aspects of each composition. Check out more work done by MPC here Check back daily for more inspiration!

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  • Daily Inspiration #004

    Daily Inspiration #004

    Happy Friday! Today’s Daily Inspiration comes from an amazing and very well known motion graphics artist named Patrick Clair.  He is probably most well known for his infographic, “The Anatomy of a Computer Virus” but this more recent work is a true testament to how great typography and transitions can really sell a concept. Check in daily for more inspiration!  

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  • Daily Inspiration #003

    Daily Inspiration #003

    Today’s inspiration is a project named “Resonance” by SR Partners, which has gained a lot of momentum in the cg community. In their own words, “Resonance is a collaborative project with over 30 independent visual and audio designers/studios. The aim was to explore the relationship between geometry and audio in unique ways.”  It is a great example of how having cohesion between sound and visual effects an really make a scene feel more immersive. Watch the video, then head over […]

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  • Texture Thursday

    Texture Thursday

    Hey folks, it’s Thursday so that means I have a few textures from around the web you can add to your collection!  Every cg artist should have a strong library of textures for reference and use when working on projects. Click on the images to view the original source.                  

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  • Create an Awesome Energy Effect

    Create an Awesome Energy Effect

    Hey guys! Much overdue, here is a new tutorial on creating a cool energy-looking effect within Maya and After Effects.  The tutorial uses tools such as nhair to create a unique effect which could be used in many things from title sequences to sci-fi scenes. Leave a comment to let me know what you think! Also, be sure to check out the other tutorials on the site.   Intro music by Absofacto – http://www.absofacto.com/

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