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  • Monday Stock Footage

    Monday Stock Footage

    Welcome to the first stock footage Monday!  Every Monday I will bring you stock footage clips from the internet or shot by myself for you to build your collection! This week’s clip comes from Phil Fried’s Vimeo Page, which has a ton of other footage for you to grab as well.  He has a bunch of nature shots in particular, as well as some really cool footage of Austria. Click Here to Download the Video (.mp4, h264, HD720)  

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  • Daily Inspiration #002

    Daily Inspiration #002

    Happy Monday guys!  Today’s Inspiration comes form Troublemakers.tv.  This video is a commercial for CCTV, (A Chinese Television Station) which retraces the history of China through the use of a simulated ink drop effect.  They achieved this effect from a ton of places, utilizing everything from krakatoa and fumefx, to an actual trip to China.  There is also an awesome “Making Of” you can watch here.  This is a great example of how being creative with new workflows and techniques […]

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  • Daily Inspiration #001

    Daily Inspiration #001

    The Mill has been one of my favorite visual effects studios for some time now.  They are an awesome team based out of London, New York, and Los Angeles, and have been in the effects business for over two decades.  Check out their showreel from earlier this year to get an idea of just how much quality work these guys push out.   To see more from The Mill, check out their site here.

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  • Free Plugins & Scripts

    Free Plugins & Scripts

    Hi guys! I thought today it would be nice to compile a list of free plugins available on the internet.   1: Guruware Ivy (3DS Max) http://www.guruware.at/main/ivy/index.html This plugin is really cool for generating natural looking ivy and branches.  The plants are generated from a seed and you simulate the growth within the plugin.  People have achieved great results with this plugin (like this) and it is really easy to use.  I did some experiments where I turned off the leaves […]

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  • 3DS Max – Driving Particles with Audio

    3DS Max – Driving Particles with Audio

    Hey guys, sorry it’s been a little while since my last post – I have been very busy lately.  In this tutorial, we are going to create a system of deflectors and particle flows to convert audio to particles using no plugins at all.  We will be learning some more advanced particle flow work, as well as basic motion from audiofloat and deflectors.  I don’t know if anyone else uses this method, as I came up with it as a […]

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  • ShapeShifter – An Inspirational Short by “Charlex”

    ShapeShifter – An Inspirational Short by “Charlex”

    I was cruising around Vimeo last night and I came across this animated short by Charlex.  It was just a quick reminder of why some of us make art – to create extraordinary concepts in our heads and utilize tools to bring them to life.  3d animations allow us to give vision to what often does not or cannot exist.  So go make something cool!  One person can do a lot and “ShapeShifter” is a great example of what is […]

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  • 3DS Max Neon in Mental Ray

    3DS Max Neon in Mental Ray

    Hey everyone, this is just a quick 8 minute tutorial on creating neon light effects within 3ds max and mental ray.

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  • 3DS Max Rayfire Destruction

    3DS Max Rayfire Destruction

    Hi guys, this is a really cool tutorial on using Rayfire within 3DS Max to destroy objects such as a drinking glass.  We will also be covering some basic animation, more advanced particle systems, using HDRI maps and a bunch of other stuff.  This tutorial is EXPLODING with new tricks for you to use every day. Before you start you’ll need a couple things, so grab the Rayfire Demo (or full version) here: Rayfire The Reflection map we will use […]

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  • 10 Texture Pack – Blueprints

    10 Texture Pack – Blueprints

    Hey everybody! Thanks for the great support I’ve been getting from the site.  Here is just a small free pack of 10 textures I made from some old blueprints I picked up at a garage sale.  Might be cool to incorporate into a project or even something with After Effects. The images come in both color and monochrome in .bmp format and the resolution is 2048×1325. Download here: DOWNLOAD LINK (64mb)

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  • Tutorial 3 Preview

    Tutorial 3 Preview

      Hey guys!  So Mir Vadim over at Rayfire Studios was kind enough to loan me a copy of Rayfire for my next tutorial.  It is going to be an animation of something similar to these test renders.  We will be modelling a simple bullet and drinking glass, using particle systems (see tutorial 2), implementing hdri maps, and of course BLOWING STUFF UP in Rayfire! So get ready, the new tutorial should be up within a few days.  Meanwhile, head […]

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